Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off to Rome..

That is me! Roque Santos, the one in the middle with my brothers, sister and mother. That little guy became a USA Olympian and now I am the dude in the cowboy hat at major national and international swimming competitions working with blueseventy. No, blueseventy nero comps were not around back then, but doesn't my mom look hot in that two piece?

This is the type of team and place where most all of us starting swimming. And where most all of us fell in love with the sport. Swimming still is about family, friends and our coaches no matter at what level. Swimming racing is still about who is the fastest and to see how fast YOU can be! Don't we all want to go a little faster? Don't we all want a little more? I do and I always will.

I am off to the FINA Swimming World Championships in Rome in the morning. I want to know who are the fastest swimmers in the world. I am excited to see records broken! Who isn't?? So, please find the guys in the cowboy hats because we want to see you win in our suits!

Before I leave, I am off to my 6 year old daughters last home dual meet tonight. No blueseventy's for 6 years old... at least not yet. And I am also hoping to see some records broken tonight!

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