Tuesday, July 28, 2009

day 2 preview

Looking forward to another great night...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 2 Roma.

Outside the swimming pool report on the 2nd day of swimming.. There were 3 more world records. 8 in all in two days! This is very exciting..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Off to Rome..

That is me! Roque Santos, the one in the middle with my brothers, sister and mother. That little guy became a USA Olympian and now I am the dude in the cowboy hat at major national and international swimming competitions working with blueseventy. No, blueseventy nero comps were not around back then, but doesn't my mom look hot in that two piece?

This is the type of team and place where most all of us starting swimming. And where most all of us fell in love with the sport. Swimming still is about family, friends and our coaches no matter at what level. Swimming racing is still about who is the fastest and to see how fast YOU can be! Don't we all want to go a little faster? Don't we all want a little more? I do and I always will.

I am off to the FINA Swimming World Championships in Rome in the morning. I want to know who are the fastest swimmers in the world. I am excited to see records broken! Who isn't?? So, please find the guys in the cowboy hats because we want to see you win in our suits!

Before I leave, I am off to my 6 year old daughters last home dual meet tonight. No blueseventy's for 6 years old... at least not yet. And I am also hoping to see some records broken tonight!

Friday, July 10, 2009

First 3 days in Indy at the USA World Trials Championships 2009!!

The road to Rome starts in Indy, and the World is watching as the suits wars are in full swing! Oh want fun it is!! Swimmers have to make a choice and they have to believe that they are in the best suit for them! One year ago our little known company was on the pool deck
at the USA Olympic Trials and Gil Stoval was the only USA athlete to make the team in a blueseventy nero comp! We've made huge strides forward from that day.

Now in Indy after three days, we have three women in four events making our USA World Championship Swimming Team.

Julia Smit from Stanford has made the team in the 200 IM with a New American Record!! BOOM! She also made the team in the 400IM. Julia did have her suit taken from the locker room.. Suit must be good!

Hayley McGregory missed out USA Team twice last year by placing 3rd in both the 100 & 200 back.. However, in the blueseventy she was the champion in the womens 100 back and will be heading to Rome!

Kasey Carlson...Set the High School standard in the 100 yard breaststroke this year in a blueseventy. Last night she made her first World Championship team in the same event and the same suit!

Wow - what a great week so far! More to come!

P.S. We have found Garrett...